eco-park-london-news3IMAGINE a place where fun, nature and kids are the focus. At the EcoPark we are working hard to create a place where kids can be kids; a park that continues to evolve into an ecological wonder.

We have chosen our Park to be a special place for people with disabilities to take part in everyday activities.

  • Our trails and activity areas abound with the use of native plants encouraging plant awareness and education.
  • Our walking and fitness trails wend their way through a wide variety of habitat – forest and thicket, hillside and meadow, wetland and pond. The walking trail around the perimeter of the EcoPark is 1.2 km and used for fundraising events as a fun run/walk challenge.
  • Our vegetable gardens are managed by young people.
  • Our tobogganing hill is a wonder of its own.
  • The Graham Family EcoPark has an amazing water area with catch and release fishing in a natural pond environment.
  • A wide variety of birds, mammals, insects, fish and reptiles are there to discover and observe.
  • Constructed landscapes provide educational opportunities.
  • A campfire space and areas for nighttime activity away for the glare of the city.
  • A roofed pavilion for picnics, outdoor crafts and events.
  • The parking lot’s permeable paved surface is designed to recharge the water table.
  • Environmentally friendly self-composting toilets.
  • We have a vision for climbing towers to challenge kids physically and develop a better understanding of their own physical abilities.