“The park was gorgeous, well kept, with diverse activities and fun. It had a pond with a pier where you would walk out and see the animals in it. It had a veggie patch with tomatoes growing in it, really cool playscape, cool tightrope, nice shaded area for eating and lots of ground and forest to walk around. It was really nice! I also appreciated the easy access to parking lots”

“The space is really great for a little child to explore! The pond was lovely and there was plenty to do. We even saw a plump groundhog during our visit!”

“It was a beautiful, clean venue. I loved there was so much to do outside, with trails, room for the kids to run and play and great eating areas”

“Eco Park is an absolutely beautiful venue/setting for a family gathering. Gorgeous nature setting near water with lots of area to engage in outdoor activities (sports – volleyball, canoe), playground equipment, nature walks, large field to play soccer, football etc. I loved that they had a huge area designated for bonfires which would be great in the evening. The covered buildings supply lots of seating and indoor space as needed. It would be a wonderful space to have any type of family focused event like weddings, special anniversary/birthday gatherings and family reunions.”

“Hidden treasure!! Beautiful atmosphere.”

“Beautiful venue!”